EDGE Creative | Frucor Juice Revolution

Frucor Juice Revolution

  • Event Frucor Juice Revolution
  • Audience Staff and Suppliers
  • Attendees 1500
  • Length Over 3 days
  • Location Frucor warehouse

Frucor: the Juice relaunch that started a Revolution

Frucor Beverages is the natural leader in fruit juice, which means advocating for the whole category as well as their own brands. Frucor urgently needed to inspire supermarket partners to become passionate again about giving juice their shelf space and attention.
The Go-To Communication SpecialistsThe Go-To Event Management Specialists

Frucor had done a huge amount of work to fully research and respond to the market challenges facing fruit juice. They committed to many major changes, included creating new SKU’s, deleting others, new packs and whole new production lines. They came to Edge Creative to translate this good news into the most exciting way to re-energise trade partners.

When You Need to Translate StrategyWhen You Need to Translate Strategy…

We loved Frucor’s excitement over their new vision. This wasn’t just ‘evolution’. This was a revolution: a vibrant, passionate revolution, full of colour, life and energy.

No-one does a revolution like Latin America. We called it “The Juice Revolution: Viva La Juice!”

Edge Creative turned one of Frucor’s own warehouses into Juice Revolutionary Headquarters.

Into Action… Into Action…

Trade guests were greeting by revolutionary leader Che Guava, Eva Pear-on, and Frucor’s own Greek Chorus of revolutionaries.

The guests were presented with irresistible revolutionary propaganda (presentations) and blood-stirring songs about juice liberation … calling on the trade partners to join the struggle against juice oppression.

Then the leaders of the Frucor revolution arrived – in 1950s Cuban-style cars.

Revolutionary slogans were yelled passionately from the throng. How could anyone resist being caught up in the Juice Revolution?


The trade attendees came away from this event amazed at Frucor’s vast transformation of the Juice category.

Feedback from a major customer shows the power of Frucor’s revolutionary strategy:

…a HUGE thanks for yesterday and for again sharing with us your journey with your juice brands. Although speechless at times I truly believe Frucor is heading the right direction and most importantly showing true innovation, leadership & responsibility in the Juice category.

His email finished by echoing back Frucor’s own quote about the power of revolutions. Customers are on board and are very excited to be part of the Juice Revolution.