EDGE Creative | Process


For a creative company we’ve an inordinate amount of proven tools and processes to ensure we extract your strategic imperatives during the event planning process and hold you to them from go to woah!
  • EPO Event Purpose & Outcome

  • Foundation Plan Workshop

  • Presenter Briefing Workshops

  • Content Development Tools

  • PPO Presenter Purpose Outcome

  • Storymap

  • Flowmap Content Workshops ‘Verbatim’ Audience Response Tool

Genuine commitment to co-creation

We take these tried and tested tools and always work in partnership with our clients to define what the experience should look, feel and be like. We devise the creative overlay to your strategic framework – together. Often our initial ideas are a ‘starting point’ to develop with you further.

Creating the process is a creative process!

Edge Creative’s process in the lead up to an event is a dynamic one. It involves a number of key workshops facilitated by Phil from his 20 years’ experience, and using specially designed and proven tools. This interdependent and collaborative approach enables the distillation of best outcomes. Our event process incorporates the 4 D’s of Discovery, Design, Delivery and Debrief. See further explanation below or download the pdf.