EDGE Creative | Start With Why

Start With 'Why'

Our tried and tested event management approach is powerful and unique.  We focus relentlessly on the purpose of your event, and use compelling themes and creative elements to magnify that purpose.

Our creative team always starts by understanding the 'WHY'. We apply it across everything we create: metaphoric frameworks, theming elements, agenda components and creative elements.

All great events should surprise and delight. Engage audiences. Inspire and energise. Edge Creative's event planning does so in ways that enable our clients to achieve their larger organisational goals.

Edge Creative is marked by the ability to understand clearly and communicate comfortably with the very highest level of corporate leadership. By understanding their aspirations we deliver events that meet their goals.

Event Purpose Outcome or EPO

EPO Event Purpose & OutcomeA key tool in our arsenal is our Event Purpose Outcome Workshop (EPO), one of the first meetings we have with key stakeholders and arguably THE most important. When we run EPOs, we’re listening to a collective voice. Not a straightforward thing, but with Phil’s experience over the last 20 years as a thought-leader and facilitator, he’s quick to interpret that voice and identify strategic imperatives.

Whilst every project is different, some things don’t change:

1 Truly inspiring experiences will accelerate change and generate ongoing commitment.
2 Collective up-front agreement around desired purpose and outcome dramatically enables ultimate success.
3 Creativity is as much about recognition (context) as origination (content).
4 “The speed of the leaders = the speed of the gang”. The power of example is the most potent behavioral influencer.
5 Daring creative metaphors, applied carefully and consistently, dramatically increase communication effectiveness.