EDGE Creative | Phil Thompson

Phil Thompson


Phil is a thought leader in the design and implementation of live communications. He founded Edge Creative more than twenty years ago with a background in marketing and a belief in the power of live events to accelerate authentic change.

He has succeeded in creating a new kind of agency to support New Zealand organisations through carefully designed and curated events.

Phil delivers a unique blend of creative and strategic acumen. As a skilled facilitator, Phil has led many senior leadership teams and boards through workshops to develop corporate vision, values and strategy – which are then deployed through the most highly-engaging live programmes.

Quote about Phil:

“Phil’s intuitive ability to bring a story to life, combined with his knowledge and skill in entertainment and communications, along with his team of professionals, is unbeatable.

I have worked with him and the team on a range of communications events, in multiple countries, in extremely different situations and they have always been able to lift me and the organisations I have been leading to better levels than we were aiming for.

Phil is TRUE value add. Use him and the team and your business will be better!!! It’s that easy, as Phil makes complex communications concepts simple.”

- Grahame Maher, Former Chief Executive of Vodafone New Zealand, Vodafone Australia