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    The 'go-to' event specialists when you need to translate strategy into performance faster

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  • Vodafone Enterprise Customer Event

    "We challenged you to deliver something “different” with the “wow factor” and you absolutely delivered and then some."
    Julia Jack – Former Head of Marketing, Enterprise Business Unit, Vodafone New Zealand Ltd

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  • Frucor Business Conference

    "Edge Creative is the catalyst that sparks it for us, brings it together, delivers it and has our team walking out of there absolutely jazzed."
    Scott Wright, Former Marketing Director, Frucor Beverages

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Translate strategy into performance faster

At Edge Creative we’ve built our event management reputation creating world-class experiences, engagement programmes and corporate events for New Zealand’s leaders.

No more death by PowerPoint, meetings without meaning, mistranslated strategy or parties without purpose. No more missed leadership opportunities or hangovers without handover.

Our business events capabilities reach far beyond event planner, event manager or party planner. As your go-to corporate event planning and event production specialists, we inspire performance faster by interpreting your strategy instinctively and inventively.

At Edge Creative we believe your event marketing, team meetings and corporate team building have greater potential than all other communications.

Why Edge Creative? Event management with your goals at the heart

  • Quick to interpret

  • Confidently meet your strategic needs

  • Accelerate performance faster

Edge Creative. Quick to interpret

For more than twenty years we have built close, direct relationships with leaders of major businesses. It has been our privilege to provide event platforms for demonstrating strong and cohesive leadership. You always get our 'A Team' of seasoned professionals, resourced and programmed to go the distance, using sought-after proven tools so you never have to pause or explain. We’re insightful, respectfully challenging and smart enough to detect any elephants in the room. That 11th hour crunch? It always comes. So for your moment of truth don’t choose those who fade. We will lead you quickly to your goals.

Edge Creative. Confidently meet your strategic needs

We ask a lot of you. Questions. Commitment. Trust. That’s how we help you be who you say you are. We ensure your event’s purpose and outcome are clear and collectively agreed. This is genuine co-creation, where content leads creative. You will take part in our unique content and coaching workshops. Your event’s look, feel and content all align with strategy and goals. We also have ‘Verbatim’, a sophisticated post-event assessment tool so you can directly measure outcomes against the original desired outcomes. This event management approach puts everything in place to accelerate performance, while keeping your risk level low.

Edge Creative. Accelerate performance faster

“The speed of the leader is the speed of the gang” That pearl from Mary Kay Ash has made us the #1 event planner in New Zealand when it comes to shifting mass stakeholder mindset. The power of example is the most potent behavioural influencer, so we make it safe for leaders to lead by example. Being bold, taking risks, stepping outside comfort zones, challenging the status quo, breaking conventions, having fun. Welding strategy and creativity, we devise daring creative metaphors that embed your vision, strategic imperatives and brand promise in the heart of your workforce and partners. Carefully and consistently applying strategic creativity dramatically increases the effectiveness of your event.

"Memorable events with lasting impact."

Chris Cunliffe, CEO Tax Management NZ

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Our Valued Customers Include:


Edge Creative's event management offers three levels of service



    Event Hire

    “I need help to find all the technical and theming resources I need to run my event and have them delivered, installed and taken away again; all at a competitive price.”



    Event Management

    “I need help to develop, manage and deliver my event to be the best it can be with the resources I have available, and to take away the pain.”



    Event Engagement

    “I need help to create and deliver a unique event that will get everyone fully engaged and committed to the new programme we are activating. It needs to be someone who really ‘gets’ who we are (our brand and culture) and can help get all our stakeholders on board.”

“They’re not just an events company, they’re a strategic communications event specialist. So much more than just events. So much deeper. So creative.”

Mark Callaghan, CEO, Frucor Beverages

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Whatever the event, we help you succeed

Edge Creative can ensure you translate strategy into performance faster. With our wide range of proven tools, team of professionals, second-to-none event management and expert suppliers, you can have confidence your event will be a success. Shifting mindset 'en masse' is what we do.

  • Conferences
  • Customer Engagement Events
  • Business Aquisition Integration
  • Roadshows
  • Farewells & Celebrations
  • Product Launches
  • Vision, Value & Purpose Workshops
  • Cultural Shift or Change Management
  • Supplier or Partner Functions

“They have a very structured approach, that is also a very creative approach, and usually you don’t put those two words together, and they seem to manage this tension really well.”

Ben Green, Head of Corporate and Government, Vodafone

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Shuush. A little-known secret about our 'A' Team

An event of this size is the moment of truth for a CEO or Marketing Director. Are you going to choose someone that fades? If you’ve ever run or been involved in a large event, do you ever wonder how your event management team do it, month after month? It’s often a profession for the young or one that people only stay in for a couple of years. Well, here at Edge Creative, we’re a special breed who know how to preserve energy and we resource for that inevitable spike in activity just before curtain up! Our experience will ensure there's “no surprises”.